Nomado biomass stove camp biomass stove wood camping stove

1, no gas, no oil, no alcohol, just burn many biomass material like dried leaves, roots, branches,charcoal, firewood charcoal, peanut shells,straw,twigs, corn cobs, rice husks,

sawdust, wasted papers and other flammable substance;

2, 8 newspapers (70cm*66cm) can cook one dinner rice well. 3 persons, 250g

3, Size: 25*13.8cm, 0.9kg-1.7kg, easy to carry

4, With Thermal conversion electric function in future;

5, Our 2nd generation stove is coming into market, which is lighter, smaller, more powerful. Tetragonum, supply the Oxygen by electrical drive, length of side is 108mm,

height is 265mm, Temperature of the center can be 1300℃.Boil the 1kg water in 4 minutes. It is special for the plateau district without enough.


Wood camping stove

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